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Improving Peer Review: A Pilot Study



Rennick S & Newey C (2017) Improving Peer Review: A Pilot Study. Cardiff University. Cardiff.

There is an apparent tension between the indicative workload limit for assessment and feedback (one hour per student, per module) and the diversity and quality of feedback the University aims to give. A common suggestion is to make use of peer feedback. Anecdotal evidence suggests peer feedback is positively received in some disciplines, yet underutilised or unpopular in others. This pilot study starts to explore the conditions under which peer feedback works (or doesn’t), identifies some of the particular factors and circumstances affecting its reception by students, and suggests ways to remove barriers to its successful implementation.

peer feedback; pedagogy; peer assessment; teaching and learning

FundersCardiff University
Publication date30/09/2017
Publication date online30/09/2017
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Place of publicationCardiff

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Dr Steph Rennick

Dr Steph Rennick

Lecturer in Digital Media (Interactive), Communications, Media and Culture