The Video Game Dialogue Corpus



Rennick S & Roberts S (2023) The Video Game Dialogue Corpus. Corpora, 19 (1).

This paper presents the Video Game Dialogue Corpus, the first large-scale, consistently coded, open source corpus of dialogue from video games. It contains over 6.2 million words of English dialogue from 50 games in the Role Playing Game (RPG) genre. This includes: games produced between 1985 and 2020; rated for children, teenagers, and adults; and in both “Western” and “Japanese” subgenres. The corpus design is described, including custom data formats for representing branching dialogue. We demonstrate the use of the corpus by comparing the dialogue of female and male characters, where we find reflections of gendered language in other media as well as patterns that seem specific to video games. We provide the source code for a “self-inflating corpus”: a pipeline that obtains the data then processes and parses it into a standard format. This makes the corpus available for teaching and research purposes, providing the first such resource for empirical analysis of video game dialogue.

video games; video game dialogue corpus; corpus linguistics; conversation; interactive media

Output status: Forthcoming

Corpora: Volume 19, Issue 1

FundersUniversity of Glasgow
Date accepted by journal07/02/2023

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Dr Steph Rennick

Dr Steph Rennick

Lecturer in Digital Media (Interactive), Communications, Media and Culture