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Understanding teacher identity in teachers’ professional lives.



Rushton E, Towers E, Rawlings Smith E & Steadman S (2023) Understanding teacher identity in teachers’ professional lives.. BERA Blog [ Blog post] 12.09.2023.

First Paragraph: Understandings of teacher identity have remained consistent for the past two decades with a consensus that identity is dynamic, flexible and hybrid and is influenced by a range of individual factors (Beijaard et al., 2000; Rushton & Reiss, 2021). While there has been rapid growth in teacher identity research over the past decade, few systematic reviews have been completed. As a group of authors, our own professional lives inform our interest in teacher identity. We have all been schoolteachers, working in either secondary or primary schools. We are now teacher educators, working with teachers at different stages of their professional careers, in three UK-based higher education institutions. Given our experience of, and interest in, teachers’ professional lives, we were keen to undertake a systematic review of the teacher identity literature to further inform this field of research.

Type of media Blog post
FundersEconomic and Social Research Council
Publication date online30/09/2023
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Professor Lizzie Rushton

Professor Lizzie Rushton

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