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Social partners: barriers and enablers



Baglioni S, Montgomery T & Calo F (2023) Social partners: barriers and enablers. In: Baglioni S & Calo F (eds.) Migrants and Refugees in Europe: Work Integration in Comparative Perspective. Bristol: Policy Press, pp. 101-119.

First paragraph: Chapter 6 undertakes a study of the role that social partners and social dialogue can play in integrating migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in the labour market. Social partners play a key role in labour market dynamics as they contribute towards determining the policy and legal frameworks that shape labour markets, but also the social, political and economic trends in which labour markets are embedded (Auer, 2001). Therefore, an examination of social partners’ understanding of the newcomers’ capacities and their appreciation of the opportunities and challenges to be addressed is unavoidable in any research willing to understand how to facilitate unlocking the employment potential of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

Labour market; migrants; refugees; integration

FundersEuropean Commission (Horizon 2020)
Publication date31/12/2023
Publication date online31/01/2023
PublisherPolicy Press
Publisher URL…fugees-in-europe
Place of publicationBristol

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