Propositions for utilising emotional intelligence in construction organisations



Lawani A & Moore DR (2021) Propositions for utilising emotional intelligence in construction organisations. International Journal of Construction Management, 21 (2), pp. 153-166.

The emotional intelligence (EI) concept is prevalent within management literature and is recognized as an important skill for managers in achieving organisational effectiveness. However, scholars report an unwillingness by the construction industry to fully embrace this concept. This study aims to provide an assessment of EI research that relates specifically to construction project managers (CPM) and construction professionals (CP) through a literature review which involved a chronological and interpretive approach. Findings revealed that, in general, only a minimal number of investigations have been carried out with regards to the construction industry. Characteristics of reviewed studies include a predominance of quantitative methodologies and lack of consideration for both cultural orientation and the nature of the task/activity. It is suggested that studies of EI in construction need to consider concepts applied in social and management studies such as ‘Identity and Culture’ so as to discover more insights on how EI can be trained and utilized. The study offers relevant information for researchers, instructors and CP on ways to harness practical benefits of EI.

Emotions; emotional intelligence; construction industry; construction project managers and professionals

International Journal of Construction Management: Volume 21, Issue 2

Publication date28/02/2021
Publication date online31/12/2018
Date accepted by journal01/11/2018
PublisherInforma UK Limited

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Dr Ama Lawani

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