Using learning domains to complement primary physical education teacher education in primary school settings



Murray A, Adams S, Kaitell E, Shaughnessy J & Murray P (2018) Using learning domains to complement primary physical education teacher education in primary school settings. Physical Education Matters, 13 (2), pp. 54-57.

Introduction: Physical education (PE) evokes discussion as both a taught subject and as a subject of professional preparation. In particular, there is a drive to explore professional development for primary PE teachers and, arguably, the wide array of approaches through which a primary teacher can be equipped to teach has further complicated the issue. This article focuses on a cohort of pre-service primary teachers (PSTs) who were trained through Schools Direct, in which a host primary school is the lead. This cohort voiced concerns about their preparedness to teach PE and requested extended provision. Their capacity to plan, teach and assess PE were cited as their main concerns. The majority reported little structured opportunity to learn about how to create and deliver PE lessons of high quality. Most were preoccupied with being able to model movements proficiently, describe and deconstruct skills, scaffold learning opportunities towards learning outcomes, and develop learning outcomes in relation to the National Curriculum for PE that were appropriate and inclusive for their pupils. In response to these concerns, the university provided them with a one-day professional learning opportunity dedicated to PE teacher education (PETE).

This is a practice centred piece. It aims to support placement and inservice practice.

Physical Education Matters: Volume 13, Issue 2

Publication date31/05/2018
Publication date online31/05/2018
Date accepted by journal30/05/2018
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Dr Alison Murray

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