Wheels Up: Spiral progression pedagogy towards creative movers using wheels



Murray AM & Howells K (2023) Wheels Up: Spiral progression pedagogy towards creative movers using wheels. Journal of Early Childhood Education Research, 12 (1), pp. 54-78, Art. No.: 3.

This study explored a trailblazing creative means for Physical Education (PE) preservice teachers (PSTs) to explore movement: agility, balance and coordination by embodying a reflective approach to a series of practical challenges. A novel balance-on-wheels learning and teaching spiral progression was created for this bespoke intent. The study operationalised the reflective cycle dimension by Kolb (1984) to theoretically underpin and pragmatically structure the experiential embodied learning sequence. Teacher educators implemented a series of connecting experiences using balance bikes, bicycles and tricycles, scooters, mountain and BMX bikes and made sense of these using the Kolb cycle as a pedagogical guide. In so doing, the sequencing created opportunity for the group to collectively gain competence and confidence on wheels through the creative progressions. This collective transformative experience enabled the creation of an elementary school accessible progression spiral practice document to be applied within school placement as well as into upcoming early career teaching roles. Following the connecting experiences, PSTs were invited to share insights and ideas onto a class online interactive padlet. This was collated to depict the concomitant school-ready wheels progression spiral as well as a school checklist to consider accessible wheels experiences using affordances creatively.

physical education; motor creativity; progression spiral; preservice elementary teachers

Journal of Early Childhood Education Research: Volume 12, Issue 1

Publication date31/12/2023
Publication date online30/06/2023
Date accepted by journal31/03/2023
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Dr Alison Murray

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