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Becoming a Teacher 6th Edition



Gibbons S, Glackin M, Rushton E, Towers E & Brock R (eds.) (2023) Becoming a Teacher 6th Edition. New York: McGraw Hill. https://www.mheducation.co.uk/becoming-a-teacher-issues-in-secondary-education-6e-9780335251667-emea-group

This timely new edition remains the ultimate guide for students in the core areas of teaching policy, assessment and curriculum planning, while also covering the relevant issues facing educators and students today. Grounded in contemporary research and empirical evidence, Becoming a Teacher provides a critical yet accessible exploration of the complexities involved in starting a career in secondary education. New chapters include topics such as wellbeing and mental health, social justice, decolonising the curricula and how to develop teacher identity when starting a career. Themes such as digital pedagogy now run through the core of the book, reflecting the future of our education system. The book: - Supports students with a blend of theory and practical solutions - Integrates a wide range of issues, contexts and perspectives - Guides and encourages readers to reflect on their own learning and teaching - Covers practical classroom implementations, theoretical and empirical research, social and cultural dimensions and much more Benefitting from the expertise of top academics in the education field while leaving room for the reader to engage with their own critical reflection, this book is essential for PGCE and Education students to gain a thorough understanding of the many facets of education as well as their own role as a teacher.

EditorProfessor Lizzie Rushton
FundersUniversity College London
Publication date31/12/2023
Publication date online27/03/2023
PublisherMcGraw Hill
Publisher URLhttps://www.mheducation.co.uk/…51667-emea-group
Place of publicationNew York

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Professor Lizzie Rushton

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