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Improving the feedback experience: Usefulness through verbalisation



Collins K & Quinn L (2019) Improving the feedback experience: Usefulness through verbalisation. [Chartered Association of Business Schools Blog] 12.11.2019.

Students are expressing dissatisfaction with feedback in higher education (Boud & Molloy, 2013). This can be seen in the results of the U.K. National Student Survey (NSS) in 2018, where just 73% of students say they were satisfied with feedback, the same level as in the year before. So what are we doing wrong? Is it timing, context or the type of feedback, or all of the above?

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Type of mediaChartered Association of Business Schools Blog
Publication date12/11/2019
Publication date online12/11/2019
PublisherChartered Association of Business Schools

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Miss Kirstine Collins

Miss Kirstine Collins

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