How can SNP and the Greens end the housing crisis in Scotland?



Serpa R (2021) How can SNP and the Greens end the housing crisis in Scotland?. Scottish Left Review, (May 2021).

First paragraph: Skimming the headlines for post-election autopsies, I find only a handful of political analyses that criticise the 2021 Scottish elections as ‘boring’ or ‘zombie’-like, which might be surprising given the lack of campaigning due to the ongoing pandemic, or the continuation of similar themes on from the 2016 elections – for example, another SNP victory, rising support for independence, and the further collapse of Scottish Labour. Personally, I eagerly awaited the sixth Scottish Parliamentary election more so than the five previous elections – as a new Scot, this was the first election I was eligible to vote in, after having become a UK citizen following 10 years of residency. I happily performed my new civic duty, scouring political manifestos and monitoring the editorial pages of journals and newspapers.

Scottish Left Review, Issue May 2021

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Publication date01/06/2021
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