Workplace Physical Activity Within the Gulf Cooperation Council Region: A Scoping Review



Alkhubaizi AA, Ryde GC, Tomaz SA & Whittaker AC (2023) Workplace Physical Activity Within the Gulf Cooperation Council Region: A Scoping Review. Physical Activity and Health, 7 (1), pp. 191-204.

Objectives: To identify and examine available literature addressing physical activity (PA) and sedentary behavior (SB) in the workplace in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. Design: Scoping Review Method: Academic and gray literature databases were searched for studies published prior to April 2021. Only studies conducted in the GCC region, available in Arabic or English, and addressing workplace PA were included. Results: Ten studies were identified; seven intervention studies, a cross-sectional study, a peer-reviewed brief report, and a 5-year strategy document. For the interventional studies, duration ranged from 3–26 weeks. Interventions delivered varied and included those focusing on multiple behaviour (diet and physical activity), walking challenges, and supervised exercise in paid time. Most included behavior change strategies like prompts, incentives, and education. PA was only measured in four intervention studies with most reporting no significant changes. The one study that reported significant changes from a national workplace walking challenge had a less robust study design and methods making these results difficult to interpret. Studies were hampered by poor study design and reporting of research and intervention details. Two studies reported hot weather and lack of time as barriers to workplace-PA in the GCC region. Conclusions: Literature on workplace PA and SB interventions in the GCC region is limited. Well-designed studies using standardised measures are required to assess PA interventions in GCC workplaces. Further, higher quality research is required to assess motivators and barriers to workplace PA in the GCC to develop sustainable workplace PA interventions.

Workplace; Physical Activity; Sedentary life; GCC region;

Physical Activity and Health: Volume 7, Issue 1

Publication date12/06/2023
Publication date online12/06/2023
Date accepted by journal11/05/2023
PublisherUbiquity Press, Ltd.

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