Introduction to Special Issue: Film Objects



Ezra E & Wheatley C (2023) Introduction to Special Issue: Film Objects. Film-Philosophy, 27 (1), pp. 1-6.;

From the earliest days of film theory to the present, scholars of the moving image have made the claim that cinema is a medium that is particularly well suited to show us things. On film, all matter is ontologically equal – as Paul Willemen puts it, even the lustiest of genres, pornography, becomes overwhelmed by stuff when translated to screen: a literary fantasy can proceed very well, he says, without having to specify the pattern on the wallpaper; a filmic fantasy cannot (Willemen, 1992, p.179). In occupying filmic space, objects are a key component of mise-en-scène, but they also have a narrative function, and often carry symbolic or affective weight. Objects can be portable, like a glove or a rice cooker, or they can be part of the fabric of a place, like doors or floor tiles. Objects can also contain their own kinetic energy, whether self-propelling or animated by other forces such as electricity or wind. As with painted portraiture, objects in films can tell us about the socio-economic milieu of the characters, the era in which they live, and even the personalities or indeed obsessions of the people with whom they are associated.

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This is the introduction to a special issue of Film-Philosophy on Film Objects, edited by Elizabeth Ezra and Catherine Wheatley

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Professor Elizabeth Ezra

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