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Gender and Precarity



McKee K (2023) Gender and Precarity. [Blog] 13.01.2023.

First paragraph: The private rented sector (PRS) in the UK has long been thought of as a precarious tenure due to insecure tenancies and unaffordable rents, coupled with uneven tenant-landlord relations (see, Hoolachan et al., 2017; Waldron, 2022). Precarity, as a concept, first originated in relation to labour market studies (Marti, 2019). It describes transformations in the labour market that have taken place under neoliberalism and is epitomised by the rise of both zero-hours contracts and the gig-economy in recent years.

Type of mediaBlog
Publication date13/01/2023
Publication date online13/01/2023
PublisherUK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence
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Dr Kim McKee

Dr Kim McKee

Senior Lecturer, Housing Studies

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