I learn My True Nature



Gibb L (2021) I learn My True Nature. []. Italy.

First paragraph: This is what I was told. Our house was small and indistinct. My father was a fisherman. My mother, a midwife. They were industrious and kind, a popular couple in our Balkan village. Our village was bordered by a sea lake and a fast flowing river, caught between them. A thickly forested strip of land lying between two large bodies of water. Our village was in a clearing, a low-lying mound of earth that barely managed to keep the trees and tides at bay, but which was home.

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Publication date01/09/2021
Publication date online01/09/2021
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Place of publicationItaly

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Dr Lorna Gibb

Dr Lorna Gibb

Assoc Prof in Creative Writing&Linguist., English Studies