Circular supply chain management: a bibliometric analysis-based literature review



Zhang A, Duong L, Seuring S & Hartley JL (2023) Circular supply chain management: a bibliometric analysis-based literature review. The International Journal of Logistics Management.

Purpose Supply chain management (SCM) research has contributed to the transition to a circular economy (CE). Still, confusions exist on the related terms, and no review has mapped out the development trends in the domain. This research clarifies the boundaries of the relevant concepts. Then, it conducts a comprehensive review of the circular SCM (CSCM) literature and identifies opportunities for future research. Design/methodology/approach Using relevant keywords, 1,130 journal articles published in December 31, 2021 were identified. Unlike the published reviews, which mainly relied on content analysis, this review uses bibliometric analysis tools, including citation analysis, co-citation analysis and cluster analysis. The review identifies general trends, influential researchers, high-impact publications, citation patterns and established and emergent research themes. Findings The extant CSCM literature includes five prominent clusters: (1) reverse channel optimization; (2) CSCM review and empirical studies; (3) closed-loop supply chain (CLSC) and consumers; (4) CLSC and inventory management and (5) CLSC and reverse logistics (RL). Significant research gaps exist in the use of secondary and longitudinal data, a wider range of theories, mixed-methods, multi-method, action research and behavioral experiment. The least researched topics include zero waste, industrial symbiosis, circular product design, sourcing and supply management and reuse. Originality/value This is the first bibliometric analysis-based literature review on CSCM. It clarifies the interrelated supply chain sustainability terms and thus reduces related confusion. It offers insights into the patterns in the CSCM literature and suggests important research directions.

Circular economy; Circular supply chain management; Closed-loop supply chain management; Sustainable supply chain management; Literature review

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The International Journal of Logistics Management

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Publication date online20/01/2023
Date accepted by journal09/01/2023