Fear of cancer recurrence among Brazilian patients with cancer: Translation and cultural adaptation of FCR4/7 and FCRI-SF measures



Bergerot CD, Ferreira LN, Molina LNM, Pagung LB, Pedersen BdS, de Andrade TG, Machado RHI, Freitas ANdS, Barreto LHCT, de Araujo LL, Tumeh IBRG, Vieira NBS, Lee D, Philip EJ, Neto JNM, Buso MM, Simard S, Ozakinci G, Humphris G, Bergerot PG & Smith AB (2023) Fear of cancer recurrence among Brazilian patients with cancer: Translation and cultural adaptation of FCR4/7 and FCRI-SF measures. Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 165, Art. No.: 111125.

Objective Fear of cancer recurrence or progression (FCR) is considered one of the most common unmet needs among patients with cancer. This study sought to translate and evaluate the psychometric properties of the Fear of Cancer Recurrence scale (FCR4/7) and Fear of Cancer Recurrence Inventory-Short Form (FCRI-SF). Methods This study involved three phases: (1) translation and cultural adaptation of the FCR4/7 and FCRI-SF measures, (2) validity and reliability testing of the Portuguese version of these measures, and (3) examining patient's perceptions of these measures. Eligible patients were diagnosed with localized breast cancer, and patients with metastatic cancer. Descriptive analyses were collated, and psychometric analysis were conducted (confirmatory factor analysis). Results A total of 200 patients were recruited (100 patients with localized and 100 patients with metastatic cancer). A significant proportion of patients reported moderate to severe FCR (FCR7: 32.0% and FCRI-SF: 43.0%). Female gender, younger age and metastatic cancer were associated with higher levels of FCR. Psychometric analyses suggested that the Portuguese versions of the FCR4/7 and FCRI-SF were valid, unidimensional in nature, with acceptable reliability coefficients across all scales. In a sub-sample qualitative analysis (n = 75), most patients were satisfied with the relevance of both measures. Conclusion Our findings suggest the Portuguese versions of the FCR4/7 and FCRI-SF are valid tools to assess FCR among patients with localized and metastatic cancer. Future research can now extend our understanding of FCR and assess this construct among Portuguese speaking patients, to guide the development of effective and targeted interventions for patients globally.

Cancer; Fear of cancer recurrence; Fear of cancer recurrence inventory-short form; Fear of cancer recurrence-7; Confirmatory factor analysis; Psychometrics

Additional co-authors: João Nunes Matos Neto; Marco Murilo Buso; Sebastien Simard; Gerald Humphris; Paulo Gustavo Bergerot; Allan Ben Smith

Journal of Psychosomatic Research: Volume 165

Publication date28/02/2023
Publication date online21/12/2023
Date accepted by journal19/12/2022
PublisherElsevier BV

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Professor Gozde Ozakinci

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