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(Re)constructing heritage in Bhaktapur, Nepal



Arora V (2020) (Re)constructing heritage in Bhaktapur, Nepal. Issues [Online] 27.07.2020.

The physical reconstruction of Bhaktapur’s built heritage, following the 2015 earthquake in Nepal, is an exercise beyond the practice of heritage and modernity. Reconstruction enacts multiple intents and agencies and draws on diverse expertise and forms of labour. Through close attention to the dis-assemblies surrounding a temple dedicated to the goddess Vatsala, this essay shows how the site comes to be inscribed with new meanings: here the interplay of heritage, sacrality and construction work is a reminder of the disaster.

heritage; Bhaktapu;, sacred; everyday

Type of mediaOnline
FundersAustralian Research Council
Publication date27/07/2020
Publication date online27/07/2020
PublisherWestern Sydney University
Publisher URL…bhaktapur-nepal/

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Dr Vanicka Arora

Dr Vanicka Arora

Lecturer in Heritage, History

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