Public relations: the missing element in the eSport governance



Kim S & Manoli AE (2022) Public relations: the missing element in the eSport governance. Managing Sport and Leisure, pp. 1-5.

Despite the enormous value public relations can yield to the eSport ecosystem in communicating and building sustainable relationships with various stakeholders, scant research emphasises the necessity for the adoption of a public relations approach in eSport. This commentary argues that the lack of a unified governance structure or an international governing body is the foremost hurdle of eSport, while a critical omission in the eSport governance discussion is how to build and sustain relationships among partners. By combining these two and viewing issues through the lens of public relations, we suggest that principles of good governance such as transparency, public communication and democratic processes, can be achieved in eSport by employing appropriate public relations strategies.

Organisation-public relationships; eSport governance; eSport public relations; eSport

Managing Sport and Leisure

StatusIn Press
FundersLoughborough University
Publication date online31/10/2022
Date accepted by journal17/07/2022
PublisherInforma UK Limited

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Dr Sungkyung Kim

Dr Sungkyung Kim

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