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Child and Family Law: Vol II: Intimate Adult Relationships



Sutherland E (2022) Child and Family Law: Vol II: Intimate Adult Relationships. 3rd ed. Edinburgh: W. Green/Sweet & Maxwell/Thomson Reuters.

This new edition addresses the recent wealth of changes in child and family law, now warranting two volumes to encompass the depth of its authoritative treatment. Volume II sets Scots law in its comparative and international contexts, examining the formation and dissolution of intimate adult relationships, and the legal consequences of each. Significant legislation is examined in detail alongside the plentiful case law and law reform proposals. Throughout, there is critical appraisal of the extent to which the law recognises diversity in intimate relationships, respects individual choice and affords adequate protection to those who need it.

Publication date31/12/2022
Publication date online30/06/2022
PublisherW. Green/Sweet & Maxwell/Thomson Reuters
Publisher URL…ardback/30798146
Place of publicationEdinburgh

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Professor Elaine Sutherland

Professor Elaine Sutherland

Emeritus Professor, Law