Children's rights impact assessments in times of crisis: learning from COVID-19



Reid K, Tisdall EKM & Morrison F (2022) Children's rights impact assessments in times of crisis: learning from COVID-19. International Journal of Human Rights.

Policy responses to COVID-19 have illuminated how children and young people’s human rights were all too often side-lined by adult concerns. With mounting queries during the first ‘lockdown’ in Scotland (March 2020), the Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland asked the Observatory of Children’s Human Rights Scotland to undertake an independent Children’s Rights Impact Assessment of COVID-19 emergency public health measures on children and young people in Scotland. The resulting analysis proved not only productive for immediate policy advocacy but had broader lessons about how states parties can respect, protect and fulfil children and young people’s human rights at times of crisis and disaster. This requires challenging adult approaches and orientations to policy, so all of children and young people’s rights to provision, protection and participation are met, especially groups of children and young people who may be at particular risk of rights’ violations. This editorial outlines the process and substantive learning from the independent CRIA, from a range of experts, including children and young people.

Children’s rights; impact assessments; participation; children; pandemic; COVID-19

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International Journal of Human Rights

StatusIn Press
Publication date online30/04/2022
Date accepted by journal30/03/2022
PublisherInforma UK Limited

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Dr Fiona Morrison
Dr Fiona Morrison

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