Resilience in mathematics education research: A systematic review of empirical studies



Xenofontos C & Mouroutsou S (2022) Resilience in mathematics education research: A systematic review of empirical studies. Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research.

In recent years, the number of studies examining resilience in relation to mathematics teaching/learning (or mathematical resilience, according to some), increased significantly. This paper is a systematic review of 78 studies published between 2010 and 2021, and investigates (a) conceptualisations of mathematical resilience, (b) demographic characteristics of participants in the papers identified, and (c) factors that influence the development of mathematical resilience. Our analysis indicates that mathematical resilience is conceptualised in two ways: as the coexistence of disadvantage and high mathematical performance; and, as part of one’s mathematical identity. Participants in related studies belong to one of the following categories: disadvantaged pupils; “typical” pupils; disadvantaged university STEM students; “typical” university students; prospective teachers; in-service teachers. Mathematical resilience is found to be influenced by both psychological and social/environmental factors. Finally, we discuss implications and how the field can move forward.

mathematical resilience; education; systematic review; empirical studies; teaching/learning

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Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research

StatusIn Press
Publication date online16/09/2022
Date accepted by journal04/05/2022

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Dr Stella Mouroutsou

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Dr Constantinos Xenofontos

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