Research Report

The access to justice journey



Boyle K (2022) The access to justice journey. Nuffield Foundation. Access to Justice For Social Rights: Addressing The Accountability Gap. London.

This briefing document has been prepared for the Nuffield Foundation project on ‘Access to Justice for Social Rights: Addressing the Accountability Gap’ led by Dr. Katie Boyle. The research undertaken as part of the Nuffield project worked closely with practitioners who support people experiencing violations of social rights (including the rights to housing, food, fuel and social security) across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The researchers asked the practitioners about the barriers faced in trying to access justice for violations of social rights. This briefing provides an insight into some of the key issues that emerged in the research.

FundersThe Nuffield Foundation
Title of seriesAccess to Justice For Social Rights: Addressing The Accountability Gap
Publication date31/05/2022
Place of publicationLondon

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