Evidence of multiple genome duplication events in Mytilus evolution



Corrochano-Fraile A, Davie A, Carboni S & Bekaert M (2022) Evidence of multiple genome duplication events in Mytilus evolution. BMC Genomics, 23 (1), Art. No.: 340.

Background Molluscs remain one significantly under-represented taxa amongst available genomic resources, despite being the second-largest animal phylum and the recent advances in genomes sequencing technologies and genome assembly techniques. With the present work, we want to contribute to the growing efforts by filling this gap, presenting a new high-quality reference genome for Mytilus edulis and investigating the evolutionary history within the Mytilidae family, in relation to other species in the class Bivalvia. Results Here we present, for the first time, the discovery of multiple whole genome duplication events in the Mytilidae family and, more generally, in the class Bivalvia. In addition, the calculation of evolution rates for three species of the Mytilinae subfamily sheds new light onto the taxa evolution and highlights key orthologs of interest for the study of Mytilus species divergences. Conclusions The reference genome presented here will enable the correct identification of molecular markers for evolutionary, population genetics, and conservation studies. Mytilidae have the capability to become a model shellfish for climate change adaptation using genome-enabled systems biology and multi-disciplinary studies of interactions between abiotic stressors, pathogen attacks, and aquaculture practises.

Mytilus edulis; Whole-genome duplication; Evolution; Positive selection; Paleogenomics

BMC Genomics: Volume 23, Issue 1

FundersNatural Environment Research Council, Fishmongers' Company, Association of Scottish Shellfish Growers and Sustainable Aquaculture Innovation Centre
Publication date31/12/2022
Publication date online02/05/2022
Date accepted by journal20/04/2022
PublisherSpringer Science and Business Media LLC

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Dr Michaël Bekaert
Dr Michaël Bekaert

Senior Lecturer, Institute of Aquaculture

Dr Stefano Carboni
Dr Stefano Carboni

Aquatic Invertebrate Zoologist, Institute of Aquaculture