Glacial meltwater input to the ocean around the Antarctic Peninsula: forcings and consequences



Lima LS, Pezzi LP, Mata MM, Santini MF, Carvalho JT, Sutil UA, Cabrera MJ, Rosa EB, Rodrigues CCF & Vega XA (2022) Glacial meltwater input to the ocean around the Antarctic Peninsula: forcings and consequences. Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciencias, 94 (Supplement 1), Art. No.: e20210811.

The Antarctic region has experienced recent climate and environmental variations due to climate change, such as ice sheets and ice shelves loss, and changes in the production, extension, and thickness of sea-ice. These processes mainly affect the freshwater supply to the Southern Ocean and its water masses formation and export, being crucial to changes in the global climate. Here, we review the influence of the glacial freshwater input on the Antarctic Peninsula adjacent ocean. We highlight each climate process’ relevance on freshwater contribution to the sea and present a current overview of how these processes are being addressed and studied. The increase of freshwater input into the ocean carries several implications on climate, regionally and globally. Due to glacier melting, the intrusion of colder and lighter water into the ocean increases the stratification of the water column, influencing the sea-ice increase and reducing ocean-atmosphere exchanges, affecting the global water cycle. This study shows the role of each hydrological cycle processes and their contributions to the regional oceanography and potentially to climate.

water cycle; climate change; Southern Ocean; ice-ocean-atmosphere interactions

Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciencias: Volume 94, Issue Supplement 1

Publication date31/12/2022
Publication date online08/04/2022
Date accepted by journal21/01/2022

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Miss Ximena Aguilar Vega
Miss Ximena Aguilar Vega

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