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Building resilient food supply chains



Oyedijo A (2022) Building resilient food supply chains. Focus. 01.04.2022, pp. 46-47.

In recent times, supply chains have faced different challenges such as high demand variability, short product life cycles, and varying customer expectations and requirements. Adapting to these challenges have increased supply chain complexity, resulting in greater instability and unpredictability. Such issues have emphasised the importance of designing supply chains that are both efficient and resilient to disruptions. One area that still requires attention relates to the resilience of food supply systems. This topic will continue to be a cause for concern because of increased demand for food globally, the rising human population, concerns about future shortages based on past panic buying behaviour and stockpiling by consumers and/or industries, general uneven food distribution which increases food poverty, broad interruptions in distribution which leads to wastage due to short shelf-life of food items, and high levels of food insecurity. Thus, it is critical to understand how to make food supply chains to cope with future system shocks.


Type of mediaMagazine article
Publication date01/04/2022
Publication date online01/04/2022
PublisherThe Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT)
Place of publicationOnline

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