Introduction: Gendered voices and audio media



Berridge S, Portwood-Stacer L & Lovatt P (2017) Introduction: Gendered voices and audio media. Feminist Media Studies, 17 (1), p. 108.

Following our previous Commentary and Criticism on Sound and Vision, this section continues on the sonic theme, focusing on gendered voices across a range of media examples. Salam Al-Mahadin considers gendered soundscapes on Jordanian nationalist radio stations, investigating cultural and political constructions of national identity through a focus on gendered dialects. Also looking at radio, Miranda Iossifidis explores feminised voicing and soft sounds in Claire Tolan’s sound art practice and her engagement with ASMR, relating this practice to gendered notions of care. The feminisation of vocality is also interrogated by Melody Hoffmann and Raechel Tiffe in their essay on the feminist implications of their own woman-hosted podcast, which questions what it means for women’s voices to take up sonic space. The feminist potential of the podcast as a form of public scholarship is the subject of the following essay by Bethany Doane, Kaitlin McCormick, and Giuliana Sorce, with a particular focus on Sarah Koenig’s Serial. Claire Coleman examines public feminism in another context, looking at several contemporary examples of female indie musicians publicly speaking out against the sexism and misogyny they have experienced from fans and members of the music industry. Lauren Jackson explores a different genre of music, namely hip hop, examining how gender is manifest in Nicki Minaj’s work with a particular focus on her laughter. With reference to diverse media examples, the essays collected here highlight the relationship between gendered voices and power and emphasise the importance of feminist media scholars engaging not just with the visual, but with the sonic too.

Feminist Media Studies: Volume 17, Issue 1

Publication date11/01/2017
Publication date online11/01/2017
Date accepted by journal11/01/2017

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Dr Susan Berridge

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