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Key Welfare Recommendations for Marine Capture Fisheries



Emam W & Xu C (2022) Key Welfare Recommendations for Marine Capture Fisheries. Aquatic Life Institute. New York.

Animal welfare issues in commercial fisheries are widespread and significant. In fact, wild-caught fish remains the last major food-producing sector that does not take animal welfare into consideration. This report introduces the concept of an animal welfare-based approach (WBA) to capture fisheries and urges its adoption. It also calls for more research and financial support from all relevant stakeholders to develop ‘welfare-minded’ fishing gear, soak times and retrieval rates, scale up humane stunning and slaughter onboard, and limit the capture of non-target species.

FundersOpen Philanthropy
Publication date31/03/2022
Publication date online31/03/2022
Publisher URL…apture-fisheries
Place of publicationNew York

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Mr Wasseem Emam
Mr Wasseem Emam

PhD Researcher, Institute of Aquaculture