Book Chapter

Risky Trade-offs in The Expanse



Field C & Lo Re S (2021) Risky Trade-offs in The Expanse. In: Nicholas JL (ed.) The Expanse and Philosophy: So Far Out into the Darkness. London: Wiley, pp. 179-185.

The Expanse does not provide an easy answer to the vexing question on making a decision when competing, but considering conflicts of values on the show can help us reason about tough choices in real life. Sometimes, scientific progress conflicts with the prudential value of self-preservation. This chapter explains three ways of understanding value conflicts: as situations in which every option is forbidden, situations in which every option is permissible, or situations in which some options are obligatory and some options are forbidden. The idea that all these different kinds of value can be traded with a common currency is tempting. But contra Keats, beauty is not truth; and it certainly is not goodness, as Tolstoy says. Epistemic, moral, prudential, and aesthetic values are very different.

aesthetic values; epistemic values; moral values; prudential values; risky tradeoffs; The Expanse

Publication date31/12/2021
Publication date online15/10/2021
Place of publicationLondon