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Agents of Change: the story of the Nursing Now campaign



Holloway A, Thomson A, Stilwell B, Finch H, Irwin K, Crisp N, Watkins M & Beasley C (2021) Agents of Change: the story of the Nursing Now campaign. Cuthill F (Research Group), Stenhouse R (Research Group), Shepherd A (Research Group) & Bayliss-Pratt L (Research Group) Nursing Now/Burdett Trusting for Nursing.

First paragraph: The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the extraordinary debt that we all owe to nurses and other health workers. Nurses across the world have played a crucial role in the COVID-19 response and have brought their expert clinical skills and compassion to all settings – in the community advising and providing support and information, in primary care and hospitals caring for the sick and the dying and working in the most stressful intensive care environments. Now it is time to invest in the nursing workforce and develop a global culture in which nurses’ contribution to healthcare is truly valued.

ContributorProfessor Ashley Shepherd
FundersThe Burdett Trust for Nursing
Publication date31/12/2021
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Professor Ashley Shepherd

Professor Ashley Shepherd

Professor, Health Sciences Stirling