Improvements in Maximal Oxygen Uptake after Sprint-Interval Training Coincide with Increases in Central Hemodynamic Factors



Mandić M, Hansson B, Lovrić A, Sundblad P, Vollaard NBJ, Lundberg TR, Gustafsson T & Rullman E (2022) Improvements in Maximal Oxygen Uptake after Sprint-Interval Training Coincide with Increases in Central Hemodynamic Factors. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 54 (6), pp. 944-952.

Introduction: Sprint-interval training has been shown to improve maximal oxygen uptake, in part through peripheral muscle adaptations that increase oxygen utilization. In contrast, the adaptations of central hemodynamic factors in this context remain unexplored. Purpose: The aim of the current study was to explore the effects of sprint-interval training on maximal oxygen uptake and central hemodynamic factors. Methods: Healthy men and women (n = 29, mean age 27 ± 5, height 175 ± 8 cm, body mass 72.5 ± 12.0 kg) performed 6 weeks of sprint-interval training consisting of 3 weekly sessions of 10-min low-intensity cycling interspersed with 3 x 30-s all-out sprints. Maximal oxygen uptake, total blood volume, and maximal cardiac output were measured before and after the intervention. Results: Maximal oxygen uptake increased by 10.3% (p < 0.001). Simultaneously, plasma volume, blood volume, total hemoglobin mass, and cardiac output increased by 8.1% (276 ± 234 mL; p < 0.001), 6.8% (382 ± 325 mL; p < 0.001), 5.7% (42 ± 41 g; p < 0.001), and 8.5% (1.0 ± 0.9 L · min-1; p < 0.001), respectively. Increased total hemoglobin mass along with measures of body surface area had significant impact on the improvements in maximal oxygen uptake. Conclusions: Six weeks of sprint-interval training results in significant increases in hemoglobin mass, blood volume, and cardiac output. As these changes were associated with marked improvements in maximal oxygen uptake, we conclude that central hemodynamic adaptations contribute to the improvement in maximal oxygen uptake during sprint-interval training.

blood volume; cardiac output; HIIT; VO2max; SIT

Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise: Volume 54, Issue 6

FundersSwedish Research Council
Publication date30/06/2022
Publication date online09/02/2022
Date accepted by journal03/01/2022
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