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Enhancing the Online Learning Environment for Medical Education: Lessons From COVID-19



Komalasari R, Nurhayati N & Mustafa C (2022) Enhancing the Online Learning Environment for Medical Education: Lessons From COVID-19. In: Haoucha M (ed.) Policies and Procedures for the Implementation of Safe and Healthy Educational Environments: Post-COVID-19 Perspectives. Hershey, PA, USA: IGI Global, pp. 138-154.

First paragraph: This chapter outlines the COVID-19-related experiences of the Local University of Indonesia (LUI). It reports the events and actions taken by the authors, new faculty lecturers at the Department of Medicine (DM), to achieve the ministry's health programs and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic within Indonesia's leading university of higher learning (Dwinanto & Sumarni, 2020). The authors structure the chapter as follows. The first part deals with an emergency response After Action Report to convey the problems better (Yahya, 2021; Yulianti et al., 2020; Hidayat et al., 2021). Second, the actions and the lessons gained from the organization's return to the COVID-19 virus shock. The chapter opens with a summary of Indonesia, followed by LUI and DM overviews. The chapter thus describes significant efforts brought out by DM teaching members to comply with the ministry's health policies while still showing high-quality educational programs to its students (Roziqin et al., 2021; Peirolo et al., 2021). The chapter begins with a quick review of Indonesia, followed by overviews of LUI and DM. The chapter then describes significant events, significant initiatives carried out by DM teaching members to complete the ministry's health practices while still providing high-quality academic programs to their students (Apriliawan & Parmiti, 2021). This chapter information is based on the authors' own experiences as DM faculty members at the COVID-19 issue. In this chapter, the term "faculty" refers to the professors, lecturers, and administrative personnel at DM.

Publication date31/12/2022
Publication date online28/02/2022
PublisherIGI Global
Place of publicationHershey, PA, USA

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