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COP26: No participation, no inclusion, no climate justice



Schapper A (2021) COP26: No participation, no inclusion, no climate justice. University of Stirling Public Policy Blog [Blog post] 19.11.2021.

First paragraph: Climate justice activism is central to the international climate conferences today. While world leaders come together in annual Conferences of the Parties (COPs) to agree further reductions of greenhouse gas emissions, climate finance, mitigation, adaptation and loss and damage, the climate justice movement brings a human face to these technical debates. How are children, women, disabled persons, the elderly and indigenous peoples affected by climate change? In which way do existing climate policies, like large-scale renewable energy projects, infringe upon the rights of indigenous peoples?

Type of mediaBlog post
Publication date19/11/2021
PublisherUniversity of Stirling

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Professor Andrea Schapper

Professor Andrea Schapper

Professor, Politics