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Status, Trends, and Scenarios of Invasive Alien Species in Gabon



Mikissa JB, Pambo AFK, Ngoyi EB, Jeffery KJ, White L & Abernethy K (2021) Status, Trends, and Scenarios of Invasive Alien Species in Gabon. In: Invasive Alien Species: Observations and Issues from Around the World, Volume 1: Issues and Invasions in Africa. Oxford: Wiley, pp. 139-144.

Gabon, one of the countries of the Congo Basin, is more than 85% covered by forests that host large biodiversity, including a diverse array of large mammals. This biodiversity can be threatened by forest logging activities, and by invasive alien species – the second greatest cause of biodiversity loss after habitat destruction. The issue of invasive alien species in Gabon is less documented; however, the consequences of these harmful exotic species are visible, such as Wasmannia auropunctata, which already impacts local biodiversity.

Gabon; invasions; alien species; Wasmannia auropunctata

Publication date31/12/2021
Publication date online30/04/2021
Place of publicationOxford

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Professor Katharine Abernethy

Professor Katharine Abernethy

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Ms Kathryn Jeffery

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