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'The People's Parliament', political classes and 'the missing Scotland'



Hassan G & Graham H (2022) 'The People's Parliament', political classes and 'the missing Scotland'. In: Gall G (ed.) A New Scotland: Building an Equal, Fair and Sustainable Society. London: Pluto Press, pp. 270-282.

First paragraph: The Scottish Parliament is many things. Amongst them, it is a living institution embodying the idea of democracy. It has changed how politics and public life are perceived in Scotland. It is even possible to argue that, returning after three centuries, it has changed the notion of ‘Scotland’. Though the idea of a Parliament has been a success in filling a democratic deficit, the reality of its actions has, at times, fallen short of this. Its mixed record, containing successes and failures, tells us much about participation and connectedness, power and the politics of the political classes. The Parliament also has diverse meanings for different constituencies and communities, whether by class, gender, ethnic, generational, or insider/outsider axes. It is not seen in neutral terms for people come to it with their own preconceptions, expectations, hopes and fears. It is not just a space but an idea and communicative space within the wider public sphere.

Scottish Parliament; Scottish Politics; Democracy; Post-Devolution; Holyrood

Publication date31/12/2022
PublisherPluto Press
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Place of publicationLondon
ISBN 9780745345079

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Dr Hannah Graham

Dr Hannah Graham

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