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The effect of psychological intervention on fear of cancer recurrence: A systematic review and meta-analysis



Tauber N, O'Toole M, Zachariae R, Galica J, Humphris G, Lebel S, Maheu C, Ozakinci G, Prins J, Sharpe L, Smith A, Thewes B, Simard S & Dinkel A (2018) The effect of psychological intervention on fear of cancer recurrence: A systematic review and meta-analysis. 20th World Congress of Psycho-Oncology, Hong Kong. Psycho-Oncology, 27 (S3), pp. 53-53.

Purpose: Fear of Cancer Recurrence (FCR) is a distressing condition known to affect a substantial number of cancer patients and survivors. Although there is a clear need for efficacious psychological interventions for FCR, the overall efficacy of existing psychological interventions on FCR remains unknown. The aim of the present systematic review and meta‐analysis was therefore to evaluate controlled trials of the effect of psychological intervention on FCR. Methods: Six key electronic databases were searched from the earliest time available until October 2017 to identify trials evaluating the effect of psychological interventions on FCR outcomes among cancer patients and survivors. Controlled trials will be subjected to meta‐analysis and uncontrolled and non‐inferiority trials will be narratively reviewed, and the moderating influence of various study characteristics will be explored. The Cochrane Collaboration's tool for assessing risk of bias will be used to evaluate the risk of bias of the included studies. Results: Screening 930 records for eligibility, 20 controlled trials and nine uncontrolled trials have been included. The results of the meta‐analysis and moderation analyses are pending, and the results will be available by the time of the presentation. Conclusion: The results will inform researchers and clinicians about the extent to which currently existing interventions for FCR are efficacious. This may form the basis for improving and developing interventions in the future. Furthermore, exploring possible moderators is expected to show for whom which psychotherapies work best.

Psycho-Oncology: Volume 27, Issue S3

Publication date31/10/2018
Publication date online24/10/2018
Date accepted by journal01/11/2018
Conference20th World Congress of Psycho-Oncology
Conference locationHong Kong

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Professor Gozde Ozakinci

Professor Gozde Ozakinci

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