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Qualitative accounts of fears of cancer recurrence



Ozakinci G, Blank T, Deborah B, Levine EG & Diefenbach M (2011) Qualitative accounts of fears of cancer recurrence. 2010 Annual Meeting of the Society of Behavioral Medicine. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 41 (Supplement 1), pp. S149-S149.

Fears of recurrence are frequently documented as being one of the most important issues that those who have been treated for cancer have to deal with. Evidence shows that fears of recurrence have been related to emotional distress, intrusive thinking, and lower vigour. It has also been shown to be associated with lower quality of life of family members. In this symposium, we will present evidence and discussion from qualitatively oriented approaches (analyses of interviews, focus group discussions, and answers to open-ended questions) to examine these fears in a broad range of people who have been affected by cancer, including data from ethnic groups. This symposium aims to bring the evidence together so that we can improve our understanding of how these fears develop and impact the lives of people affected by cancer and how they manage these fears in their daily lives.

Annals of Behavioral Medicine: Volume 41, Issue Supplement 1

Publication date31/12/2011
Publication date online26/03/2011
Date accepted by journal01/11/2011
Conference2010 Annual Meeting of the Society of Behavioral Medicine

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Professor Gozde Ozakinci

Professor Gozde Ozakinci

Professor and Deputy Dean of Faculty, Psychology