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Intolerant Britain? Hate, Citizenship and Difference



McGhee D (2005) Intolerant Britain? Hate, Citizenship and Difference. Maidenhead: Open University Press.

This fascinating book uses case studies to explore a number of high-profile and contemporary ‘social problems’ that exist in British society, including: Racism and institutional racism Ethnic and religious community segregation Social and institutional asylophobia Islamophobia and the incitement of religious hatred Homophobia, institutional homophobia and community safety At the same time the book examines various legislative and strategic movements introduced to tackle these social problems, for example strategies to counter institutional prejudices (especially in policing), hate crime legislation, managed migration, community safety and community cohesion strategies. Throughout the book, McGhee contextualizes these strategies within the Government's wider project of attempting to revitalize British citizenship. Intolerant Britain? is key reading for students on courses in sociology, social policy, politics, race and ethnicity studies, gender studies, media and cultural studies and criminology.

FundersUniversity of Southampton
Publication date31/12/2005
Publication date online16/04/2005
PublisherOpen University Press
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Place of publicationMaidenhead

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Professor Derek McGhee

Professor Derek McGhee

Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences