Fear of recurrence among head and neck cancer survivors: Longitudinal trends



Ghazali N, Cadwallader E, Lowe D, Humphris G, Ozakinci G & Rogers SN (2013) Fear of recurrence among head and neck cancer survivors: Longitudinal trends. Psycho-Oncology, 22 (4), pp. 807-813.

Background Fear of recurrence (FoR) following head and neck cancer (HNC) treatment is a major patient concern but is infrequently discussed in outpatient settings and may cause significant detrimental effect on patient psychological well-being. Aim The aim of this paper is to determine longitudinal trends and predictors of significant FoR. Method Prospective data collection was obtained in 189 post-treatment HNC patients with 456 clinic attendances from October 2008 to January 2011. All patients completed Patient Concerns Inventory (PCI), University of Washington Quality of Life Questionnaire version 4 and the FoR questionnaires using a combination of paper and touch-screen technology. Results The prevalence of significant FoR was 35%, which was stable longitudinally. Logistic regression-delineated predictors of significant FoR were young age (

cancer; oncology; fear of recurrence; head and neck cancer; Patients Concerns Inventory

Psycho-Oncology: Volume 22, Issue 4

FundersUniversity of St Andrews
Publication date30/04/2013
Publication date online27/03/2012
Date accepted by journal24/02/2012

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Professor Gozde Ozakinci

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