Sociology: Editorial Foreword



Bottero W, Crow G, McGhee D & Pope C (2009) Sociology: Editorial Foreword. Sociology, 43 (1), pp. 7-10. https://doi.org/10.1177/0038038508099094

First paragraph: The final editorial of our period as the Sociology editorial team is a good place to take stock of the way things have gone in the three years since we took over at the start of 2006. We have been mindful of the wisdom of not undertaking change for change’s sake, and so having inherited a successful format we have sought to continue with arrangements that work. Perhaps the most obvious change is that the journal now has six issues a year, an increase on the five issues that came out in 2005. This continues the long-term expansion of the journal; in its first year, 1967, the journal ran with three issues, increasing to four in 1980, then five in 2004. The journal now comprises over 1200 pages a year, including over 50 articles as well as methodological notes, responses, review articles and reviews of individual books. This is a very strong indicator of the continuing health of the journal, and of the broad sociological community which it serves.

Sociology: Volume 43, Issue 1

FundersUniversity of Southampton
Publication date28/02/2009
Publication date online01/02/2009

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Professor Derek McGhee

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