Observations from behind the bar: changing patrons' behaviours in response to smoke-free legislation in Scotland



Hilton S, Cameron J, MacLean A & Petticrew M (2008) Observations from behind the bar: changing patrons' behaviours in response to smoke-free legislation in Scotland. BMC Public Health, 8 (1), Art. No.: 238.

Background "Smoke-Free" legislation prohibiting smoking in all enclosed public places was introduced in March 2006. This qualitative study presents insights from bar workers about their observations of the changing social bar environment, changing patrons' behaviours and challenges bar workers have faced in managing smoke-free legislation. Methods Twelve in-depth interviews were conducted between November 2006 and January 2007 with a purposively-selected sample of bar workers, identified from a larger quantitative study evaluating the impact of the legislation in Scotland [the Bar Workers' Health and Environmental Tobacco Smoke Exposure project (BHETSE)]. Results Bar workers all spoke of the improvements the legislation had brought to their working lives and the greater comfort it appeared to offer patrons. Bar workers reported that patrons were generally quick to accept and comply with the new law, and that families had become a greater feature of pub life since the legislation. However, they expressed concerns that older men seemed to have had most difficulty adjusting to the legislation and lack of knowledge about the best practices they should adopt in order to reduce the risks of unattended drinks being spiked and of anti-social behaviour associated with patrons moving outside to smoke. Conclusion Smoke-free legislation is changing the social context of smoking in Scotland. Further research to assess the impact the legislation is having on older male smokers and on the incidence of drink spiking would be useful. More specifically, bar workers would benefit from guidance on how to manage issues arising from patrons moving outside to smoke.

Smoking Behaviour; Environmental Tobacco Smoke; Smoking Restriction; Health Promotion Campaign; Street Violence

BMC Public Health: Volume 8, Issue 1

FundersMedical Research Council
Publication date31/12/2008
Publication date online14/07/2008
Date accepted by journal14/07/2008
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