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Shopping in a Post-Lockdown World



Sparks L (2020) Shopping in a Post-Lockdown World. University of Stirling Public Policy Blog [Blog post] 11.06.2020.

First paragraph: Well, we’ve just had the sunniest spring on record, as well as the driest. As we apparently ease out of lockdown we can but hope that such conditions continue, because when you look at some of the operational actions retailers and shopping centres are going to have to put in place, the thought of doing the shopping on a wet (summer, let alone winter) weekend is not that appealing. If we have to live like this throughout the winter then it will be bleak for many consumers and retailers.

Type of mediaBlog post
Publication date11/06/2020
Publication date online11/06/2020
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Professor Leigh Sparks

Professor Leigh Sparks

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