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Against Hibernian Exceptionalism



Brangan L (2022) Against Hibernian Exceptionalism. In: Black L, Brangan L & Healy D (eds.) Histories of Punishment and Social Control in Ireland: Perspectives from a periphery. Perspectives on Crime, Law and Justice in the Global South. London: Emerald.

First paragraph: During the early stages of my PhD at the University of Edinburgh, in a moment of flippant chit chat, I suggested to a fellow student that I was toying with the idea of writing my entire dissertation on comparative sociology of punishment without reference to David Garland. This obviously sounds like the ludicrous or crude act of a provocateur. My friend was reasonably alarmed – not least because writing a thesis situated within the sociology of punishment that didn’t acknowledge, let alone mention, David Garland defied the basic logic of a literature review. Embarrassed, I desperately tried to clarify, though not successfully, that I was speaking in jest, but that there was a serious note underlying this statement. I had been wondering how one would write and think about punishment and penal politics in my two comparator states of Ireland and Scotland if David Garland’s theses on penal-welfarism and the culture of control had not become so landmark. How differently would we perceive penality in those places?

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Title of seriesPerspectives on Crime, Law and Justice in the Global South
Publication date online23/08/2022
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Dr Louise Brangan

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