Research Report

Biocultural Heritage in the UK


Russell Z (2021) Biocultural Heritage in the UK. York Archaeological Trust. York.

This report explores the potential of biocultural heritage for developing more inclusive, just and sustainable conservation policies and practices in the UK. The starting point for the research was the biocultural heritage framework developed by the International Institute for Environment & Development (IIED), Asociación ANDES and Quechua communities in Peru. This framework is designed to help protect the rights that support indigenous peoples and local communities around the world. The aim of the research was to assess the potential value of this framework for helping to address biodiversity loss in the UK in ways which address all four pillars of sustainability – the cultural, social and economic as well as the environmental – and which support the livelihoods and self-determination of local communities. The research reviewed the framework against existing polices in the UK for nature conservation, landscape, historic environment and cultural heritage. It involved interviews with people in UK public bodies with remits for these policy areas. It also explored four case studies, to consider the potential value of the framework for practice on the ground.

Publication date31/08/2021
Place of publicationYork