Research Report

Esports athletes' needs for their holistic wellbeing - Business report: a complementary project


Hong HJ & Wilkinson G (2021) Esports athletes' needs for their holistic wellbeing - Business report: a complementary project. International Olympic Committee. Lausanne.

First paragraph: The present study is a complementary project following the previous project of ‘An international analysis of organisational support for esports players’ mental health and physical activity’, which aimed to investigate how esports athletes perceive organisational support focusing on mental health and physical activity, and what their coping skills/strategies are to ensure both their mental and physical health. Six different themes were emerged from the data: 1) Support for mental health, 2) Support for physical activity, 3) Stakeholders and support providers, 4) Coping skills and strategies, 5) Combating criticisms of esports, and 6) Advice for the next esports generation. The findings show that most esports athletes self-managed both their mental and physical health but would appreciate some external support, particularly psychological support. It was found that some top teams and players have structured support from their teams and sponsors although such cases are limited. Each stakeholder’s roles and responsibilities were identified regarding esports athletes’ welfare. Esports athletes’ self-developed coping skills/strategies such as a balanced lifestyle, time management, meditation, social support, and good sleeping habits were discussed. All participants across the different stakeholder groups are aware of the criticisms around esports and they suggested different ways to combat criticism, including governmental support. They also advised the younger generation to have balanced lifestyle (e.g., dual career), be passionate, and be realistic when they pursue their career paths in the eSports industry.

FundersInternational Olympic Committee
Publication date30/04/2021
Publication date online14/09/2021
Publisher URL…project-hee-jung
Place of publicationLausanne