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“If Not Now, When?” – the Social Renewal Advisory Board Report



Sparks L (2021) “If Not Now, When?” – the Social Renewal Advisory Board Report. University of Stirling Public Policy Blog [Blog post] 22.01.2021.

First paragraph: The last ten month have been the strangest time; as we all recognise. Our experiences though have not all been the same. I am one of the fortunate ones; I can work from home and had a large garden to keep me occupied over the summer. I’ve missed some freedoms and experiences, but as a consequence have not spent as much money. Others have been no where as fortunate and many have been very adversely affected by the circumstances they were, and are, in. Existing inequalities have been exacerbated by the pandemic and new inequalities have been created. Women, single parent families, front-line workers, ethnic minorities, refugees and disabled people are amongst those who have often suffered badly. Disadvantage was already polarised in society and has been reinforced, most obviously, and tragically, in the deaths and the case numbers.

Type of mediaBlog post
Publication date22/01/2021
Publication date online22/01/2021
PublisherUniversity of Stirling
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Professor Leigh Sparks

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