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Is the EU a feminist actor?


Haastrup T (2021) Is the EU a feminist actor?. (Henrich Boll Stiftung Articles) [Blog post] 23.08.2021.

The inclusion of feminist principles is an important progressive step in the EU’s external relations policymaking. A result of this inclusion has been the development of gender equality policies aimed at conflict situations and in international development assistance. Arguably, the EU is a leader in gender equality within the foreign policy arena. Yet, while the integration of feminism has supported concrete gender equality policies, the narrow interpretation of feminism undermines its transformative potential and highlights coherency gaps in the EU’s approach.

EU, feminist foreign policy, Spotlight Initiative

Type of mediaBlog post
Publication date31/08/2021
Publication date online31/08/2021
PublisherHenrich Boll Stiftung
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