Vitality and well-being in nurses



Hemsworth D, Plough JF, Baregheh A, Khorakian A, Overall J, Reed T, Peachey L & Muterera J (2020) Vitality and well-being in nurses. International Journal of Healthcare Technology and Management, 18 (1/2), pp. 73-94.

Vitality and well-being of employees are attributed to productivity, employee performance, and quality of life. By considering the stressful and impactful service provided as healthcare workers, this research aims to establish whether a nurse's personal energy/vitality directly contributes to, and predicts their level of well-being. Data were collected from Mexico (n = 209) and Canada (n = 303) and structural equation modelling was employed for analysis. The findings revealed a strong positive relationship (γCanada = 0.72, γMexico = 0.66) between the two constructs indicating that people with a high (low) level of personal energy will also experience a high (low) level of well-being. Having demonstrated the impact of personal energy on well-being, this research lays the foundations for a much larger framework that can examine the significance of individual mental health constructs and their ability to drain, maintain or potentially gain personal energy/vitality and ultimately their effect on well-being.

personal energy; well-being; vitality; nurses; health system; wellness; Canada; Mexico

International Journal of Healthcare Technology and Management: Volume 18, Issue 1/2

Publication date31/12/2020
Publication date online02/08/2021
Date accepted by journal23/11/2020