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Towns, High Streets and Resilience: A Question for Policy?



Sparks L (2021) Towns, High Streets and Resilience: A Question for Policy?. Stirlingretail [Blog post] 03.06.2021.

First paragraph: Some time ago I was invited to contribute a manuscript for consideration to a Special Issue of the journal Sustainability entitled Urban Retail Systems: Vulnerability, Resilience and Sustainability and edited by Herculano Cachinho and Teresa Barata-Salgueiro. The pandemic delayed the work on this paper and the Special Issue, but did have the benefit of allowing me to spend more time thinking about the right topic and focus. This became especially interesting in the light of chairing the Review Group of the Town Centre Action Plan. The referees have been very supportive and the paper is now available as a full-text here.

Type of mediaBlog post
Publication date03/06/2021
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Professor Leigh Sparks
Professor Leigh Sparks

Deputy Principal, Marketing & Retail