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Professional Education and Training in Indonesia



Mustafa C, Nurhayati N & Komalasari R (2021) Professional Education and Training in Indonesia. In: Kulaç O, Babaoğlu C & Akman E (eds.) Public Affairs Education and Training in the 21st Century. Hershey, PA, USA: IGI Global.

First paragraph: This book chapter presents findings based on the main study that explores the perception of Indonesian Judges in sentencing of minor drug offenders. This study is essential to an academic and a non-academic audience, for example, the public services system working in judicial training, the policymaker, and the public affairs education (Yevgenievna, 2017; Santoso & Hassan 2018; Schmatt, 2018; Schultz et al., 2018). The study presented in this book chapter explores the professional training of the judges that may influence their interpretation of justice. This book chapter introducing the research question, context to the study, the theoretical framework, the contribution to knowledge, and the layout of this book chapter. The organisation of the study as follows. First, it sets out the previous study on the relationship between the professional training of the judges’ factors when sentencing. Second, it sets out a useful tool for understanding how the judges choose to interpret what justice is. Third, it looks at several strategies to identify relevant studies in the literature. Fourth, it presents an understanding the way in which trainee judges learn the three most important forms of justice: legal justice, moral justice, and social justice. Finally, it provides recommendations and future research directions for improving judicial Education and Training in the 21st Century (Estriyanto et al., 2017; Bahdi & Kassis, 2020; Carey, 2020; Mtshali, & Ramaligela, 2020). The following section provides the background and context to the study with a personal account of the author interest and involvement with the subject of sentencing practice.

Publication date31/12/2021
Publication date online30/09/2021
PublisherIGI Global
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Place of publicationHershey, PA, USA

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Dr Cecep Mustafa

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