“Skills Development: From Learner to Practitioner”



Quinn L & Collins K (2020) “Skills Development: From Learner to Practitioner”. Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development Applied Research Conference, Dublin, 22.01.2020-23.01.2020.

As there is greater focus on work ready Graduates, this research looks to investigate if this is in fact the case. The latest edition of what do graduates do? reveals a graduate labour market in relatively good health. Of the 254,495 UK-domiciled first-degree graduates who responded to the survey: 74.3% of graduates were in employment six months after graduating, although not necessarily graduate employment. With the recent publication of the CIPD Profession map – the knowledge, skills and behaviours required by human resource (HR) professionals, there is an opportunity to revisit how work ready our graduates are and the role of CPD modules that are embedded into HRM programmers at two Scottish HEIs. This research is particularly important as in an increasingly competitive and volatile graduate employment market it is vital that students are equipped with skills that enable them to amplify their potential for a successful career. The focus of this research is aimed at meeting the needs of both students and employers. It is anticipated that both parties have an important part to play in the research and its outcomes. Despite clear consensus in government and HE about the importance of graduate employability, there remain considerable differences in both opinion and approach to developing students’ skills. Most HE institutions provide careers services to support graduates in gaining employment, but such services in isolation may not address the more complex issue of enhancing employability (Harris, 2001). Employability is about much more than the acquisition of a first job and relates to a broader set of achievements that enhance students’ capability to operate self- sufficiently within the labour market (Hillage and Pollard, 1998, p.2). There are clear connections here to lifelong learning and continued personal development.

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ConferenceChartered Institute of Personnel and Development Applied Research Conference
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Miss Kirstine Collins

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